v. & n.
—v. (past and past part. stood)
1 intr. have or take or maintain an upright position, esp. on the feet or a base.
2 intr. be situated or located (here once stood a village).
3 intr. be of a specified height (stands six foot three).
4 intr. be in a specified condition (stands accused; the thermometer stood at 90°; the matter stands as follows; stood in awe of them).
5 tr. place or set in an upright or specified position (stood it against the wall).
6 intr. a move to and remain in a specified position (stand aside). b take a specified attitude (stand aloof).
7 intr. maintain a position; avoid falling or moving or being moved (the house will stand for another century; stood for hours arguing).
8 intr. assume a stationary position; cease to move (now stand still).
9 intr. remain valid or unaltered; hold good (the former conditions must stand).
10 intr. Naut. hold a specified course (stand in for the shore; you are standing into danger).
11 tr. endure without yielding or complaining; tolerate (cannot stand the pain; how can you stand him?).
12 tr. provide for another or others at one's own expense (stood him a drink).
13 intr. (often foll. by for) Brit. be a candidate (for an office, legislature, or constituency) (stood for Parliament; stood for Finchley).
14 intr. act in a specified capacity (stood proxy).
15 tr. undergo (trial).
16 intr. Cricket act as umpire.
17 intr. (of a dog) point, set.
18 intr. (in full stand at stud) (of a stallion) be available for breeding.
1 a cessation from motion or progress, a stoppage (was brought to a stand).
2 a a halt made, or a stationary condition assumed, for the purpose of resistance. b resistance to attack or compulsion (esp. make a stand). c Cricket a prolonged period at the wicket by two batsmen.
3 a a position taken up (took his stand near the door). b an attitude adopted.
4 a rack, set of shelves, table, etc., on or in which things may be placed (music stand; hatstand).
5 a a small open-fronted structure for a trader outdoors or in a market etc. b a structure occupied by a participating organization at an exhibition.
6 a standing-place for vehicles (cab-stand).
7 a a raised structure for persons to sit or stand on. b US a witness-box (take the stand).
8 Theatr. etc. each halt made on a tour to give one or more performances.
9 a group of growing plants (stand of trees; stand of clover).
Phrases and idioms:
as it stands
1 in its present condition, unaltered.
2 in the present circumstances. be at a stand archaic be unable to proceed, be in perplexity. it stands to reason see REASON. stand alone be unequalled. stand and deliver! hist. a highwayman's order to hand over valuables etc. stand at bay see BAY(5).
stand back
1 withdraw; take up a position further from the front.
2 withdraw psychologically in order to take an objective view.
stand by
1 stand nearby; look on without interfering (will not stand by and see him ill-treated).
2 uphold, support, side with (a person).
3 adhere to, abide by (terms or promises).
4 Naut. stand ready to take hold of or operate (an anchor etc.). stand-by n. (pl.
1 a person or thing ready if needed in an emergency etc.
2 readiness for duty (on stand-by).
1 ready for immediate use.
2 (of air travel) not booked in advance but allocated on the basis of earliest availability. stand camera a camera for use on a tripod, not hand-held. stand a chance see CHANCE. stand corrected accept correction. stand down 1 withdraw (a person) or retire from a team, witness-box, or similar position.
2 Brit. cease to be a candidate etc.
3 Brit. Mil. go off duty. stand easy! see EASY. stand for 1 represent, signify, imply ('US' stands for 'United States'; democracy stands for a great deal more than that).
2 (often with neg.) colloq. endure, tolerate, acquiesce in.
3 espouse the cause of. stand one's ground maintain one's position, not yield. stand high be high in status, price, etc. stand in (usu. foll. by for) deputize; act in place of another. stand-in n. a deputy or substitute, esp. for an actor when the latter's acting ability is not needed. stand in the breach see BREACH. stand in good stead see STEAD. stand in with be in league with. stand of arms Brit. Mil. a complete set of weapons for one man. stand of colours Brit. Mil. a regiment's flags.
stand off
1 move or keep away, keep one's distance.
2 Brit. temporarily dispense with the services of (an employee).
stand-off n.
1 US a deadlock.
2 = stand-off half. stand-off half Rugby Football a half-back who forms a link between the scrum-half and the three-quarters.
stand on
1 insist on, observe scrupulously (stand on ceremony; stand on one's dignity).
2 Naut. continue on the same course. stand on me sl. rely on me; believe me. stand on one's own feet (or legs) be self-reliant or independent.
stand out
1 be prominent or conspicuous or outstanding.
2 (usu. foll. by against, for) hold out; persist in opposition or support or endurance.
stand over
1 stand close to (a person) to watch, control, threaten, etc.
2 be postponed, be left for later settlement etc. stand pat see PAT(2).
stand to
1 Mil. stand ready for an attack (esp. before dawn or after dark).
2 abide by, adhere to (terms or promises).
3 be likely or certain to (stands to lose everything).
4 uphold, support, or side with (a person). stand treat bear the expense of entertainment etc.
stand up
1 a rise to one's feet from a sitting or other position. b come to or remain in or place in a standing position.
2 (of an argument etc.) be valid.
3 colloq. fail to keep an appointment with. stand-up attrib.a
1 (of a meal) eaten standing.
2 (of a fight) violent, thorough, or fair and square.
3 (of a collar) upright, not turned down.
4 (of a comedian) performing by standing before an audience and telling jokes. stand up for support, side with, maintain (a person or cause). stand upon = stand on.
stand up to
1 meet or face (an opponent) courageously.
2 be resistant to the harmful effects of (wear, use, etc.). stand well (usu. foll. by with) be on good terms or in good repute. take one's stand on base one's argument etc. on, rely on.
stander n.
Etymology: OE standan f. Gmc

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